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At Optimization Business Group it is all about designing for the medium, not adapting the medium to the design. When we build your website we ensure that design, functionality, content, accessibility and technology are all included and synchronized. If all the parts don’t work well together you may end up with an undesirable online results. We will work hard at ensuring all the elements come together, so you have a beautiful designed site.

Web Development & Production

Very simply, we know how to build quality web sites and applications:

  • Planning and discover
  • Design and production
  • Web application development
  • Host-launch maintenance

We can bring your project from an idea to a fully executable reality.

We can also step back and help you with your site coding and let your design agency or internal creative team handle the design aspect.

Our Design Portfolio

We give personal attention to the discovery phase and the packages we offer are very flexible:

  • Whether it’s just a few hours
  • Or a full-scale Internet strategy
  • Even taking over where you’ve left off

We can take care of it! We’ve worked on over 300 projects since 2000 Whatever your questions are, whatever stage your site is in, whatever your needs are, talk to us.

Website Maintenance

Launching your site is just the first step. The site also needs maintenance and attention to grow. We are here to service all your needs.

We can help even if you have an internal web team we can supplement, or if you wish to outsource the entire maintenance.

Keep your site up to date with:

  • Consistent and regular updates, refining your site and responding to user feedback
  • Monthly backups
  • Social media blogs
  • Linking
  • Variety of maintenance packages to meet your needs

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