Transferring a Domain Name to OBG

1. Navigate to your account area by using this link

2. You will be taken to our main option page, where you can select which page to go. For now please select Billing/Accounts, by clicking on the More Info button.

3. After that, you are on your Account area. You will have an image something like below

4. As you want to transfer a domain name to OBG, you can do it by entering your domain name in the box called Register a New Domain and instead of using Register, please click on transfer. Say if you want your domain name called to us, you will enter your domain name in the box and click on Transfer.

5. After you click on Transfer, you will be taken to a page and will let you know how much it will cost to transfer the Domain to OBG.

6. Click on the Continue button at the bottom of the page. After you click on it, you will be taken to a page where you can configure your domain settings.

7. As you are just transferring a Domain name, you haven’t added any Hosting and the Hosting option is showing as No Hosting!, Click to Add. If you want Hosting for this Domain Name, please click on it and you will be taken to a page where you can select a Hosting Package.

a. EPP Code: This is the code that needs to be obtained from your Current Registrar. If you have problem getting this code, you can contact us directly or contact your old Registrar on where to locate it. This code is unique for every domain name and is mandatory for transferring a domain name.

b. Addons: DNS Management is provided free of cost. You should select it. With it, you can manage many aspects of your website like adding and managing A Records, CNAME, MX Records etc..

Email Forwarding is also provided free of cost and if you would like to use it, you should select it. You can Forward emails, Create emails etc using this addon.

ID Protection: With this option you can protect your Registration information like Names, Email, Address etc from appearing in the Who IS directory. There will be a charge for using this addon.

Please note that you can enable/disable all of these options after successfully transferring your Domain Name to us.

If you are going to use your existing hosting, please enter the Nameserver details in the Nameserver box. If you are not sure about your Nameserver address, please contact us or you can contact your existing Hosting. If you are using OBG hosting please use,,,,
Afte you are done with filling up all the details, please click on Continue.

8. After you click on Continue, you will be taken to the Cart page where you can pay for the transfer and any addons you added while checking out. You can select any Payment method whichever works good for you.

9. After you have successfully paid, you will see a page where you can see an Invoice for the payment you just made. You can either download that Invoice or navigate back to your Accounts.
10. As soon as you finish the above steps, we will start initiating your Domain Transfer request. You will receive an email confirming whether you want to transfer the domain name or not. Please click on the link to confirm it. Shortly, you will also receive an email from your Current Registrar informing about your Transfer. That’s it you are done.
After a couple of days, your domain will be transferred to OBG automatically.

If you are not sure how to transfer a domain name, please follow this link and fill up the form. We will initiate the transfer on your behalf as soon as we receive your Domain Transfer Request.

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