Optimization Business Group “Recipient” is partnered through affiliate programs with different products and service providers “Owner”:

  1. The Recipient will have a non-exclusive, limited term license to use the trademarks, logos, and copyrighted material that the Owner provided to the Recipient for use solely on the home page that the Recipient designate in the Recipient Affiliate Program Application. The Recipient may only use the images that the Owner specifically makes available to the Owner Affiliate Members at the area of its web site that is specifically designated as approved images for Affiliate Program Members. The Recipient may not distribute, reproduce, modify, amend, these images in any way. The Recipient may use these images only for the purposes of promoting the Owner’s web site and products on the Recipient’s web site in compliance with the Affiliate Program policies and procedures and the terms of this Agreement. The license so granted is subject to complete compliance with all terms and conditions of this Agreement and any policies the Owner may create and amend from time to time regarding the Affiliate Program.
  2. The Recipient will only use such items in the form, size, content, and appearance that the Owner provided them to the Recipient. The Recipient is not permitted to modify them. The Recipient agrees to display these items prominently on its web site. These items may only be used in if they contain a hypertext link to the Owner’s web site. This license shall immediately terminate upon the termination from the Affiliate Program. The Owner may also terminate this license upon notice to the Recipient in the event that the Recipient’s use of these items is contrary to or does not conform with its standards, such standards to be determined in its sole and absolute discretion. The Recipient agrees that the Owner retains all right, title and interest in and to all such materials. The Owner will retain all goodwill and other value associated with any of these materials. The Recipient will not gain any trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights to such materials. The Recipient agrees not to take any action that is contrary to or inconsistent with the Owner rights to these materials. The Recipient will not use these materials in any way that is damaging, defamatory, disparaging, derogatory, or negative to the Owner or that paints the Owner in a false or negative light. The Owner may revoke the limited license granted hereunder at any time in writing to the Recipient. Upon termination or revocation, the Recipient will immediately cease from any use this material.
  3. The Recipient is not permitted to use any other proprietary materials, including but not limited to trademarks, copyrights, logos, text, and any other materials that belong to the Owner or to any other party and which may appear on the Owner’s web site.
  4. The Recipient grants to the Owner a non-exclusive right and license to use the Recipient’s trademarks, trade names, service marks, business names, web page titles, slogans, logos, and copyrighted materials for the purposes of promoting, advertising, announcing, or marketing the Recipient participation in the Owner Affiliate Program. The Recipient represents and warrants to the Owner that no other party has any rights in and to any of these materials and that these materials do not infringe upon or otherwise interfere with the rights of any other party. The Recipient represents and warrants to be the absolute, sole and exclusive owner of all such materials and the owner of all trademark rights, copyrights, and other proprietary rights in and to the same. The Recipient represents to have the right, power, and authority to license said materials to the Owner as aforesaid and that the Recipient is not under any legal or contractually limitation on the right to so license these materials. The Owner has no obligation to announce, advertise, market, or promote the Recipient participation in the Owner Affiliate Program, but reserves the right to do the same at its sole discretion.
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