Reseller and Affiliate Program Terms

Optimization Business Group “Recipient” is partnered through affiliate programs with different products and service providers “Owner”.


  1. The Owner will be responsible for handling all customer inquiries, product orders, customer billing and collection, product shipment relative to customers that enter the Owner’s site through the links from the Recipient’s site. Pricing of the Owner products and services is totally within its discretion and the Owner reserves the right to change the pricing structure, terminate any special offers, discontinue products or services, or change the terms under which products or services are offered at any time, without any advanced notice to the Recipient or users accessing the Owner’s site. The Owner’s only responsibility to the Recipient in this regard is to track customer orders that occur through links from the Recipient’s website. All such reports shall be un-audited. The Owner will have no obligation to provide the Recipient with any specific information relative to any customer, regardless of whether they access the Owner’s site through the link from the Recipient’s site.


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