Product: Domain Name Restoration

Restoring your Domain name

When your domain name is not renewed within the stipulated renewal period, it is deleted from our database usually within 30days(after the expiration date).If your domain is in Redemption period, we can restore it for you. After the Redemption period, your domain name is released back to the public and anyone can register it.

Restore your domain name.

Restoring a Domain Name

You are back up by our awesome support team to help you out.

Login to your Control Panel and proceed to the Order Information view of the domain name to be Restored.

Click the Restore Domain Now button.

Proceed Redeeming the domain name, by paying for the generated Invoice.

You will get a success message(and email) that your Domain Name has been restored successfully.

* All Prices are in USD

TLDs Restoration-Cost
.ASIA $166.69
.AU 3rd Level (including .COM.AU, .NET.AU and .ORG.AU) N/A
.BIZ $166.69
.BZ $722.19
.CC $166.69
.CN $138.89
.CN.COM $166.69
.CO 3rd Level (including .COM.CO, .NET.CO and .ORG.CO) $166.69
.CO $166.69
.COM $166.69
.EU $111.09
.IN 3rd Level (including .CO.IN, .NET.IN and .ORG.IN) $166.69
.IN $164.99
.INFO $166.69
.ME $166.69
.MN $222.19
.MOBI $111.09
.NAME $166.69
.NET $111.09
.NZ 3rd Level (including .CO.NZ, .NET.NZ and .ORG.NZ) N/A
.ORG $161.09
.RU 3rd Level (including .COM.RU, .NET.RU and .ORG.RU) N/A
.TV $166.69
.UK 3rd Level (including .CO.UK and .ORG.UK) N/A
.US $166.69
.WS $159.99


  • EU (Anchor: eurules) domain name registered before 15 Septemeber, 2014 will not have any Renewal Grace Period. Such a domain name will expire on the second last day of the month it was registered in and will be Deleted on the same day, if not Renewed.
  • A .EU domain name registered after 15 Septemeber, 2014 will expire at the end of its registration term. Such a domain name will have a Renewal Grace Period of 27 days and will be Deleted, if not Renewed during this period.
  • The Redemption Grace Period for a .EU domain name is 40 days. Moreover, the Pending Delete period (5 day period after Redemption Grace Period) is not applicable to a .EU domain name. The domain name will be available for fresh Registration after 40 days from the date of Deletion.
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