Product: Data Storage Cloud

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  • Syncs seamlessly with Xero cloud accounting software and connects to your bank
  • Facilitate quicker payments and receivables
  • Eliminates double entry and keeps your books up to date
  • Approve bills and schedule payments on the go cloud based or mobile app
  • Accounts receivable: enable ACH, credit card or PayPal and receive funds straight into your bank account
  • Ecosystem of applications that help you work better
  • Edit, annotate, e-sign and more with built-in integrations
  • Best-of-breed productivity tools including Office 365, Salesfore and DocuSign
  • A platform for the digital enterprise
  • File sharing and storage solution that employees and IT admins trust
  • Send files directly to Xero cloud accounting software
  • Securely share, sync and collaborate
  • Easily increased quota for additional storage needs
  • Password protected links for shared content
  • Effortless uploading of receipts for your accountant and bookkeepers
  • Publish receipts directly to Xero cloud accounting software
  • Send items through mobile app, web app, email, Dropbox, Tripcatcher or the added option of postal
  • Frontend editing
  • Powerful 7,800+ extensibility
  • Variety of cloud storage options
  • Big storage, fast storage, attached storage, geographical ly dispersed storage.
  • Organize and manage media, emails and images
  • Object, block or file storage
  • Mass storage servers, Cleversafe object storage
  • Content delivery network
  • Automatic backup options
  • Whatever your data storage requirements are, we can assist you by sourcing the right solution for your business
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