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At Optimization Business Group we have specialists who can manage or assist you with all of your Human Resources obligations.

In today’s world, employers invest significantly in their people by actively promoting loyalty rewards, employment benefits, reviews and continued growth and development.

At OBG we can provide you with the HR services you’ll need to establish the groundwork and maintain your employer and employee working relationship.

Finding the Right Person

Working to your budget, OBG can create an advertising campaign to run under our corporate LinkedIn, Website, Facebook and the usual employment marketplaces – targeting your industry and location.

OBG copywriters create a job listing promoting the position – all copy approved by you before the campaign commences.

Our HR Manager manages the flow of incoming applications and carries out preliminary interviews, reducing contenders to those who have, or exceed, your minimum expertise requirements for your interview shortlist.

  • You’re provided with all applications received for the position.
  • A list of contenders is prepared who either meet or exceed your minimum expertise requirements.
  • Those contenders will be interviewed via Skype.
Skype Interview
  • Preliminary interviews are conducted via Skype with our HR Manager (using video and audio).
  • A list of HR questions is also required to be answered by the interviewee and answers will be noted.
  • Evaluation by our HR Manager will include visual, verbal, presentation, questionnaire and application review.


  • A final shortlist will be submitted to you.
  • OBG will arrange interview times according to your schedule that can be carried out on-site or via Skype with each interviewee.

Unsuccessful Applicants

Once you have made a final decision, our HR Manager will notify the unsuccessful applicants.

Successful Applicant

A background check on the successful applicant can be arranged:

  • These are carried out by third parties at varying levels of investigation at an additional cost Your offer of employment will be sent by registered mail and Adobe eSign to the successful applicant.
  • Employment offers must be submitted on your business letterhead, dated and signed by a member of your organization and include your conditions of employment and government compliance forms.
  • We’ll follow up with the successful applicant and ensure they return a signed copy of their offer of employment conditions/contract and compliance forms.
  • One week prior to their commencement date, the successful applicant will be advised by email of their start date and time.

Human Resources Management

We can manage your HR Department remotely and help promote open lines of communication with you and your team, anywhere globally. There are a number of key HR initiatives that can be applied to your organization, these include:

  • Employment reviews
  • Internal promotion
  • Retraining and personal development
  • Mentoring programs

Xero Payroll System

With our bookkeeping packages we can manage your Xero Payroll remotely:

  • Online timesheet data entry
  • Payroll Login for employees, providing history of pay slips
  • Requests for Leave online
  • Management approval of Leave requests online
  • Government compliance and taxation reporting

Warnings, Firing and Redundancy

Our HR Manager can communicate warnings, termination and redundancy notices to employees and provide mediation services between you and your employee.

Employers must ensure they comply with the legal rights of their employees at all times.

If you find yourself in breach of your HR obligations, we have a range of legal experts that can provide your organization with third party advice.

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