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At Optimization Business Group we recognize all customers are important, big or small.

Do you have an effective and well managed CRM and CSR system operating behind the scenes in your organization?

From your Customer Service Representatives CSRs to your Customer Relationship Management CRM systems we cover all stages of a customer’s interaction with your organization from email communications right through to after sales support.

Which all leads to how you will market in the future and keep benefiting from repeat customer sales.

Customer Relationship Management


These are just a few of the questions we’ll discuss in detail and address with you and your team. We can provide recommendations to you or work with your team to implement software, processes, after sales service, FAQ support and quality controls – all monitored for results.

  • How are your sales recorded?
  • Who, or what office, is making the highest sales in your team and why?
  • What products are selling, what products aren’t?
  • How do you currently calculate your KPI figures?
  • Do you provide a bonus system based on those KPIs?
  • What sales funnels do you currently have in place?
  • What results are you achieving from affiliate sales and referrals?
  • How many repeat client sales return daily, weekly, monthly and is there a decline and why?
  • How do you currently market your existing client base?
  • What promotions do you run and results?
  • What are your marketing campaigns and results?
  • Do you have SEO contracts in place and results?


  • Do you have seasonal trading times?
  • If so, what impact is there during your highs and lows?
  • What affects your organization’s ability to continue to provide exceptional customer service?
  • Are your stock levels maintained and in-sync with your highs and lows?


  • What further training, meetings, motivational sessions and/or tools do your sales and customer service teams require to perform at their optimum level?
  • Do you have operating manuals uploaded on your site, are they up to date?
  • For your FAQ page, Are these User friendly, Tested for search result relevance and does your FAQ page allow your Customer to report issues?
  • Do you have a Chat system installed online for your Sales Team?


  • What internal quality controls “IQC”s or audits do you have in place and how do you monitor and resolve nonconformances across all levels of your organization?
  • What external quality controls and contracts do you have with your suppliers for your manufactured or third party products and services?

Customer Service Representatives

If you require the added benefit of a Customer Service Representative CSR or Team of support members, we can provide CSRs on call via Skype, direct Phone call, email, Chat or via a Support Ticket system to address your Customers billing and technical issues.

Support Tickets
  • How are your Support Tickets currently managed?
  • What system are you currently using and what are the satisfaction results?
  • What is the cost to your organization and what savings can OBG provide to affect your bottomline?

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