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At Optimization Business Group CFO services are built on actionable measures that can be placed in practice immediately.

Due to our experience with many clients, we know the areas that are most important to our customers and their bottom line.

We invite you to spend 30 minutes with one of our finance consultants and see if it can make a difference in your business.

You’ll get a greater appreciation for the business and a brand new perspective on your SWOT.

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

Stage 1 – The Evaluation

We are one of the top financial consulting firms providing CFO services that help your business grow.



During our preliminary consultation, we’ll analyse your business at a senior level and evaluate financial problems and matters encountered.



The evaluation will assist in highlighting the customized solutions that we will design to tackle your specific business needs and issues.



We take a sensible approach in developing practical and achievable goals in both monetary and labor terms.



Implementation is the key and we will assist your business and personnel to embrace those changes.

Stage 2 – Business Process Improvement


Whilst taking into consideration your business goals, we’ll make recommendations to achieve and improve the financial direction of your business.

And, if required, we will work directly with you to initiate the Plan on your behalf.



The evaluation is complete, the plan is in place – now it’s time to do what we know best.



We’ll check on progress and make improvements to accommodate any foreseen circumstances or recommend changes that we feel would be of benefit overall.



With your support the business process improvement Plan will be acted on.

Stage 3 – Key Performance Indicators


Our strategy comes from facts. Working with you we’ll look at your complete product and service range and assess;

  • Price point
  • What works, what doesn’t work, what is profitable, what is not
  • Phasing out the unprofitable
  • Improving on existing and implementing new market relevant items


Tracking your sales to provide KPI’s is an excellent way to find out at a glance your sales growth, or decline, by product or service.

Part of the measuring process is to drill down into the profit and loss and analyze the profit margins on goods sold.

Your software accounting system will come under review and we will look at ways to reduce the wages expenses with outsourcing.



It’s time to innovate the team

  • What suggestions do you and your staff have and are they workable.
  • Improvements in teamwork, your labor force, outsourcing and training.
  • We’ll make recommendations and, if required, we’ll act on your behalf to implement.


The foundations are now in place and it’s time to look at ways of promoting your business both externally and internally. We’ll look at your services and products and see how, and if, your branding and presentation affects your market share. We’ll review:

  • Who your competitors are
  • Where you are positioned in the marketplace and what you are doing that is innovative
  • Your website and marketing

Stage 4 – Customer


Whether you are a bricks and mortar, an online store, or both, marketing is an important part of your business presence without breaking the bank and working to a budget, we can prepare a recommendation of:

  • Store front improvements to existing signage and displays, if required
  • Retail product positioning in-store or on your website
  • Company logo design and stationery
  • Continuity of recognized branding
  • Customer feedback ratings, social media options you can implement
  • Website improvements, positioning and SEO recommendations
  • Online or mainstream ad campaigns to target your audience


Sales evidence will be monitored against reasonable and achievable budgets set – where you have a sales team, meetings to discuss the outcome and achievements can be scheduled to ensure targets are being met.

  • Any issues need to be discussed and resolved promptly
  • Sales, coupons and discount promotions will be recommended during proven slower sales months and to help improve cash flow
  • Where an inventory system exists, a stocktake at the end of each month can assist in determining reordering levels
  • Full stocking of products on the business’s stock list should be maintained



  • We will review your customer feedback ratings and social media comments
  • Mystery Shopping unannounced can be carried out and a report provided as to our customer service experience(s)


We’ll review your CRM and make recommendations.

Stage 5 – Threats and Risk Management


Threats or risks, where possible, can be included in a Risk Management plan We can discuss what you see as potential threats or risk to your business and assist you in implementing a plan.

  • Auditing compliance
  • Changes in government policy or compliance
  • Extended periods of leave and your workforce
  • Insurance cover levels
  • Key personnel illness, or worst case scenario
  • Loans and cash flow
  • Potential loss and the anticipated financial impact
  • Product or workplace hazards
  • Stakeholders, both internal and external, and their expectations
  • Warranties, returns and product faults
  • Privacy statement
  • Terms and Conditions of trading

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