How to buy Privacy Protect Add-on for your Domain?

1. Navigate to your account area by using this link

2. You will be taken to our main option page, where you can select which page to go. For now please select Billing/Accounts, by clicking on the More Info button.

3. After that, you are on your Account area. You will have an image something like below

4. Click on the Tab called Domain(it will show up the number of registered domain in your account) or the menu dropdown called Domains(or alternatively you can click here). After you click on it you will have a page something like below

5. Click on the Domain area row(other than the domain name) or the Settings icon on far right . As soon as you click on it, you will be presented with the details of the domain name you have selected. On this page you can manage configurations for the selected domain.

6. Next click on the Addon option which is located on the left sidebar. . You will be presented with a page to change settings like DNS Management, Email Forwarding and ID Protection.

7. Click on the green button that says Buy Now for $10.45 USD(charges may vary).
8. After that you will be taken to our payment page and after successfull payment of the Privacy Protect charges your domain will have Privacy Protect Addon.

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