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At Optimization Business Group we believe auditing both internal quality assurance processes and external audit compliance adds to your bottom line control and business legitimacy.

Internal Quality Control auditing provides you and your staff with a set of guidelines to manage and improve the effectiveness of your processes. As a business owner or executive, having control of how your organization’s work flows provides an understanding of ‘what is involved’ and how your staff are performing.

If you are an organization that requires an External Financial Audit for compliance, we can source and communicate directly with your Auditors to save you time and money and achieve compliance in a timely manner.

Internal – Quality Control


Structure – We’ll review your business management structure and, working with you, we’ll develop an Organizational Chart.  A divisional, departmental or franchisee intranet is then created to include all members of your team locally and globally.  Your company Intranet is controlled by the level of access you determine for each of your team members via personal logins, all password protected.  The Intranet and what you publish – Management Announcements, Meetings, KPIs to New Procedures introduced and much more – is all hosted on our Hosting Platform for easy access 24 hrs, 7 days a week.

Products and Services – Products, services and pricing can be linked to both a department or division to provide management with reports detailing tracking and KPIs.



Internal Quality Control “IQC” reporting provides the ability to measure your outcomes and highlights your nonconformances.  We’ll review your existing management reports and make recommendations or implement the reporting mechanisms required.



Our experienced CFO at OBG will analyze the IQC reports and provide a detailed recommendation/findings report.



Areas of improvement or issues will be highlighted requiring attention.



OBG can assist you with the implementation and control of your company’s processes.

External – Financial Audit

Source Documents

Record-keeping is the responsibility of all businesses and can create a logistical nightmare for those who have not embraced the cloud.  Long gone are the days when external auditors were required to view your supporting source documentation on site in a bricks and mortar location.  The Cloud provides many off-site secure storage options and we can assist you in choosing the right one for your organization.



The ability to create, approve and apply journals can be limited to those in your organization with the appropriate level of qualification, all stamped online with a user name, date and time of data entry.



Reconciliation of ledgers will be carried out, as required, and provided to your External Auditor.


Trial Balance

The year-end trial balance will be reviewed by our CFO and then provided to your External Auditor in accordance with your authority.


Financial Statements

We will communicate directly with your External Auditor and provide financial statements in accordance with your authority.


External Audit

We will keep working with your External Auditor, answering questions raised, until the completion of your audit.

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